NLA Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Section and a Round Table?

Sections represent a type of library or library-related status. Round Tables represent an area of common interest or concern to differing types of libraries.

As of 2017, the NLA Sections are the College and University Section (C&U), Paraprofessional Section (PARA), Public Library & Trustee Section (PLTS), School, Children’s and Young People’s Section (SCYP), and Special and Institutional Section (S&I). The NLA Round Tables are Information Technology and Access Round Table (ITART), Intellectual Freedom (IF), New Members Round Table (NMRT), and Technical Services Round Table (TSRT).

What is the relationship between the Nebraska Library Association and the Nebraska Library Commission?

The Nebraska Library Commission is a state-funded organization focused on libraries as institutions.

The Nebraska Library Association is a member-driven professional organization focused on the individual people who work in or with libraries. Our funding comes from member dues and conference revenue.

Because people work in libraries, there is a lot of overlap in NLA’s and NLC’s spheres of influence, and so we often work in partnership.

What about the Regional Library Systems?

The four Regional Library Systems in Nebraska are the Central Plains Library System, Southeast Library System, Three Rivers Library System, and Western Library System. They are independent nonprofit organizations with their own boards. They are separate from the Nebraska Library Commission, but they are funded by a major grant from the Commission. The organizations often work very closely together.

What is the relationship between the Nebraska Library Association and the American Library Association?

Like other state library organizations, NLA is a Chapter of ALA. An elected ALA Councilor sits as a voting member of the NLA Board of Directors.

Although the Chapters operate independently of ALA, at times ALA calls upon all Chapters to participate in certain activities or take certain actions.