Detailed Budget Breakout

We invest a great deal in advocacy because this is the area where we can provide the greatest good for libraries across the state.

It's also an important delineation between us and the Nebraska Library Commission. The NLC employees cannot advocate for themselves because they are part of a state agency. As is stated in their mission statement, "the Commission is an advocate for the library and information service needs of all Nebraskans." Therefore, we regularly advocate for them and the rest of Nebraska libraries whenever a new law, or budget cut is proposed that goes against libraries' and their communities' best interests.

The biggest portion of our Advocacy money goes towards retaining a lawyer who acts as our lobbyist and who also keeps an eye out for legislative issues that could impact Nebraska libraries. Nineteen cents of the twenty-five goes towards this.

The rest of the money is spent on our Advocacy Day at the state capitol, and for attending the National Legislative Day in Washington D.C.. Both of these events help elected officials remember how important libraries are to their constituents, and that together we are a force with which to be reckoned.

A big portion of our communication budget is spent on the annual subscription fee for the NLA membership software and website. Another portion goes to our site coordinator, whose duties were recently handed over to our Executive Director.

Nine cents of this area goes into creating our annual conference. This is the largest way that we help educate one another to help us have strong and healthy libraries.

The remaining four cents is put towards scholarships, awards, and the Emerging Leader's stipend.

Education is another area where we somewhat differ from the NLC. The NLA is the state chapter of the American Library Association, and as such we are made up of hundreds of library workers from across the state who volunteer their time to support Nebraska libraries. On the other hand, the Commission is a government entity whose staffs' duty is to support, educate, and hold Nebraska librarians to a gold standard.

Just like being part of the Nebraska Library Association helps you to connect with other Nebraska libraries, the NLA is part of larger organizations that help it connect to libraries beyond our state. We pay dues to the American Library Association, the Mountain Plains Library Association, and the Academic Freedom Coalition of Nebraska. In fact, the Nebraska Library Association is a chapter within the ALA. Therefore, costs related to the ALA, such as sending our Councilor to chapter meetings, also fall within this category.

When you join the NLA, you likely joined a Section and/or a Round Table. When we receive your money for joining these groups, it goes into our bank account. Then once per quarter these dues are dispersed to their rightful Section or Round Table.

These final three expenses are pretty straightforward. Operational Expenses cover part of the Executive Director's salary, our P.O. Box, supplies, and the bonding of our treasurer.

Various banking fees along with paying an accountant for assistance with our taxes.

Money to help pay for unexpected expenses.