Rebecca Sims Membership Grant Application

    Back in October 2015, at the NLA Annual Business Meeting when we voted to change the membership dues structure, Rebecca Sims spoke up and promised to ease the blow by providing 50 people with $20 each to assist with their membership dues.
    The money will be distributed as grants to:
    1. Library employees, professional or paraprofessional (not volunteers or board members)

    2. Who are joining/renewing at the "regular member" rate

    3. Who work at small libraries (service population under 2,500, up to two staff per library)

    4. Who are paying NLA membership dues out of their own pocket (we will take your word for it on the honor system, but please do not apply for this scholarship if someone else pays for your membership dues)

    One-time grants of $20 each will be awarded to 50 qualifying applicants on a first-come, first-served basis.
    Thank you, Rebecca Sims, for your generous gift to your colleagues across the state.

      I am a library employee, professional or paraprofessional (not a volunteer or board member).
      I pay NLA dues at the “regular member” rate.
      I work in a small library (service population under 2,500, no more than two staff at my library).
      I pay my membership dues out of my own pocket.