Annual Research Grant

Annual Research Grant

Posted By Jennifer L. Thoegersen, Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Purpose  To support research or scholarship that contributes to academic librarianship, particularly in Nebraska.

Possible types of research  Could be a project that results in publication (article, essay, book, e-document); an ERIC document; a conference paper (local, state, or national); a technical or software program or app; an instructional application or curriculum guide; or the development and execution of a survey, study, or report. Or something else.

Eligibility  Must be a member of C&U Section, or if a group, at least one member of the group must be a C&U Section member. Project must benefit a significant number of libraries or librarians. Two letters of reference are required.

Procedure  See “Application Procedure,” “Research Grant Application,” and “Research Grant Terms” at

The proposal application requires the following:

  • Descriptive title
  • Project goals and objectives
  • Problem statement—how to view within context of literature, research, and similar projects, along with significance and expected impact or implications
  • Design and methodology
  • Project scope
  • Project tasks
  • Timetable and completion dates
  • Proposed means of disseminating results
  • Statement of intended use of grant money


Next submission deadline  March 15, 2018  (Start envisioning and preparing now!)


Timeline  Award is announced at the 2018 spring C&U meeting. Project should be completed within two years.


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