Public Library Accreditation and Community Needs Workshops have been scheduled in locations across the state and online.
    Apr. 3, 2019

    What is Nebraska Public Library Accreditation? What are the benefits of accreditation? How does my library become accredited? What’s a Community Needs Response Plan? Why does my library need one?

    The purpose of Nebraska Public Library Accreditation is to encourage excellent library service in Nebraska communities. The guidelines used to evaluate libraries and their services are community-based, so libraries need to know their communities' needs in order to provide appropriate library services that meet those unique needs. That's where Community Needs Response Planning comes in!

    In this workshop, Christa Porter, NLC's Library Development Director, will guide you through Community Needs Response Planning and applying for Public Library Accreditation. Public Library Directors, Staff, and Library Board Members are encouraged to attend. 

    Dates and locations:
    May 13 – Wayne
    May 22 – Scottsbluff
    May 23 – Elwood
    May 28 – David City
    May 30 - Online, GoToWebinar

    To register for any of these sessions, go to the Nebraska Library Commission’s Training & Events Calendar and search for ‘accreditation’: