Awards & Grants

Distinguished Service Award

Application Deadlines: September 18, 2020

The C&U Distinguished Service Award is awarded annually to an individual who has demonstrated service to academic librarianship within the last five years, active participation in the C&U section at the time of the award, and present or potential service to NLA/ACRL/ALA.

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Professional Development Grant

Application Deadlines: January 30 & June 30

The goal of the College and University Professional Development Grant is to award a financial scholarship on an annual basis to members of the College & University Section.

To support members of the College and University Section, who request funding to attend conferences or meetings related to the library profession, who otherwise would be unable to travel because of financial limitations. The types of professional meetings eligible include:

  1. International, national, state and local library meetings.

  2. Conferences related to the library profession.

  3. Workshops related to the library profession.

  4. Leadership Institutes.

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Research Grant

Application Deadline: March 15

The goal of the College and University Section Research Grant is to award a grant on an annual basis to support a research project that will enhance academic librarianship, and to support research or scholarship which contributes to academic librarianship, particularly in Nebraska. Emphasis will be placed on sharing the results of the project with the College & University Section membership, in addition to any national distribution, publication or presentation.

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