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What is the NLA?
Who can join?
What’s in it for me?
How much does it cost?
How can I join?
How do I get involved?

What is the NLA?
The Nebraska Library Association is the statewide professional association which represents the interests of Nebraska’s libraries as well as their staffs, trustees, and Friends.
NLA is a Chapter of the American Library Association and a member of the Mountain Plains Library Association.
The Nebraska Library Association is the cornerstone of the Nebraska library community. We advocate for our members, enrich their professional lives, advance the lifelong learning of all Nebraskans, and promote all library interests in Nebraska.

Who can join?
Individual membership in the Nebraska Library Association is open to:

  • students in a school of librarianship, library technology or a library trainee program;
  • any staff member of a library or library organization;
  • friends and community supporters of Nebraska libraries;
  • former or retired library staff members who are not currently employed by a library-related organization or commercial vendor;
  • self-employed providing services to libraries;
  • current or former members of library boards of trustees; and
  • professors, administrators or instructors of library science.

There are separate membership categories for libraries to join as institutional members, and corporate memberships are available for vendors.

What's in it for me?
Support - NLA members receive the benefit of the NLA’s advocacy efforts in the state legislature, the Governor's office, and other areas of state government to assure that Nebraska’s library systems are well-funded and maintain their community standing.
Education - NLA members receive reduced registration rates for a variety of events designed to help library staff keep up with the ever-changing world of information science and maintain the excellence that Nebraskans have come to expect from their libraries.
Information - NLA members receive regular updates on news and information that affects Nebraska’s libraries through the NLA Web site, blogs and other electronic communications from the NLA staff and NLA committees, sections, and roundtables.
Growth - NLA members have access to numerous opportunities for networking and involvement through NLA’s committees, sections, and roundtables. These opportunities to plan meetings, develop educational programming, evaluate trends, and develop resources for other NLA members help prepare library staff for leadership roles within their own libraries.
Community - NLA members are part of a Nebraska Library tradition that dates back to 1895. The Nebraska library community is a vibrant, forward group of individuals that helps its member’s connect and share resources across the state and the region.

How much does it cost?
Individual members pay annual dues based on their salaries (see below). Many libraries pay all or a portion of NLA membership dues for their staff members so be sure to ask the library's human resources coordinator, a manager or the library's director.

Salary Range

Annual Dues

Students, Retirees, Volunteers, Unemployed, Salary under $9,999




NSLA Affiliate Membership
(Nebraska School Librarians Association)


Salary $9,999 - $29,999


Salary $30,000 - $49,999


Salary $50,000 - $74,999


Salary $75,000 or more


How do I Join?
Prospective members can join online or print a membership application to mail or fax.
Membership is good for the year in which it is paid and expires December 31st of the year. If you have never been a member before and join after September 1, your membership is valid immediately and runs through December 31 of the following year.

How do I get involved?
The NLA relies on more than 100 elected and appointed volunteer leaders each year to guide the NLA in its activities and assist NLA staff with meeting planning, program selection, trends evaluation, and member communication. The NLA hears from many volunteers that their participation in NLA’s leadership has helped them improve their skills, increase their knowledge of library funding, network with more of their peers, and advance in their careers. NLA members have a variety of opportunities to get involved in by volunteering to be on a committee or be active in a section or roundtable.