It is with great joy that I write to announce the official opening of the new NLA website and database.  It has been a long couple months, with many hours of testing and migration, but we are happy to bring you the beginnings of a new combined interface with many new and exciting features.

The websites new address will temporarily be   Older content still on will remain as it is migrated to the new source.    The new platform will have a much more robust interface for the sections and roundtables and for member opportunities.

One of the many questions that I have received in the last several months has been how to renew and/or join NLA.   While there are still some settings that may need adjusted, we are confident that the new system is ready to accommodate these requests.  The older print-based form will still be active for 2015, and can be found on the join/renew section of the main page.

Please read the following directions for renewals carefully.

After navigating to the new page, choose “Sign In” from the top bar on the page.   All passwords have been reset, so please request a new password at the email address of record.   If your email address has changed, please contact me for assistance.

Once you login, you will be directed to update your information in the database.  Due to the migration of member data from one format to another, some of the information you see on your record may not be your own.   Please update the information provided as part of the renewal process.

At this time, the e-renewal is only for those individuals who belong to one (1) section.   If you wish to join more than one (1) section, please use the paper form.

All electronic renewals may choose to pay by check or credit card.    Credit card payments do NOT require PayPal and can use any major credit card.

We have extensively tested this interface, but I expect to find things that seem unexpected.  If you encounter any errors please do not hesitate to contact me.

We apologize for the tardiness in this roll-out.   Please stay tuned for lots more information and events as we bring the new system up to speed.   We are confident that you will enjoy the new experience our migration brings us.

Michael Straatmann, NLA Executive Director