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Reciprocal Borrowing

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Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement

Nebraska Library Association - College and University Section

I. Definition

Reciprocal borrowing is a policy whereby the faculty, staff and students of
cooperating college and university libraries in Nebraska may, on site, borrow
library materials at other, cooperating academic libraries.

In the following document, "home library" designates an institution whose
users borrow materials from another, cooperating library.  "Host library"
refers to an institution lending materials to individuals visiting from other

II. Purpose

The purpose of the Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement is to provide the academic
community with convenient access to circulating library materials, for teaching
and research, as an alternative to interlibrary loan.

III.  Scope

Library users eligible for reciprocal borrowing are those with valid faculty,
staff, or student identification cards from a cooperating institution. 
"Valid" identification is defined by the host library.

This Agreement is intended to complement, not invalidate, reciprocal
borrowing arrangements which may exist between varying types of cooperating

It is understood that users may approach another library directly, without
necessarily being referred by their own institution.  This is entirely
appropriate under the terms of this agreement, provided that the home library
complies with the responsibilities outlined below.

To the extent that it is necessary for the cooperating libraries to maintain
records of delinquent borrowers, such records will be maintained in confidence
and will not be available to persons other than those involved in the return of
library materials or the assessment and collection of related charges.

IV.  Responsibilities of Home Libraries

    1. Each cooperating library should provide resources to support the
    ordinary teaching and research needs of their own user community.  Home
    libraries must exhaust their own resources before referring their clientele to
    other academic collections.
    2. The home library should assist in enforcing compliance with the
    conditions of the loan, as established by the host.  All overdues,
    recalls, or fines issued by the host should be dealt with by the home
    institution using the same means used to enforce its own policies, provided
    that the home institution is given timely notice of a borrower's delinquent
    status.  The home library is not responsible, however, for collecting
    fines or other charges its patron(s) may owe to another institution. Patrons
    must pay the host library directly.
    3. Each library should inform its users of the purpose of the
    Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement, and of its policy of compliance with the host
    library's conditions, through whatever channels normally are used to convey
    library policy.
    4. Referrals should be based, whenever possible, on prior
    knowledge of the host library's collection, as obtained from relevant
    bibliographic location sources, or directly from the host.  This
    information should be relayed as completely and accurately as possible to
    users before they visit the host site.
    5. Unless specifically forbidden by the host library, copying
    borrowed material is permitted provided that it does not violate copyright law
    and that no damage to the original material would result.
    6. Borrowed materials should be returned directly to the host
    library by the borrowers, or through any other channels acceptable to the
    host.  All material returned by mail should be addressed to the
    circulation department of the host library.

V. Responsibilities of Host Libraries

    1. As far as possible, host libraries should require only a
    valid identification card to permit visiting faculty, staff, and students to
    charge out their materials.  Hosts are encouraged to be as generous as
    possible in extending borrowing privileges to visitors.
       2. Host libraries are encouraged to provide users visiting
    from other campuses with reference assistance, especially that which can only
    be provided on site, with due consideration to the interests of their primary
    3. Each cooperating library should formulate a statement of
    policy to clarify details of this agreement, such as loan periods, hold and
    clearance procedures, etc.  This statement should be made available to
    other participants in the Agreement upon request.

VI.  Maintaining the Agreement

Each library is responsible for complying with the provisions of the
Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement in good faith.  Host libraries have the
option of suspending reciprocal borrowing privileges to libraries that fail to
comply with these provisions.

All records and correspondence of lasting significance that pertain to the
Agreement are maintained by the Nebraska Library Association College and
University Section.

Revisions to this document may be introduced at either the NLA College and
University Section spring meeting or at the Section's fall business meeting,
held during the NLA annual convention.  Motion(s) may then be voted on by
a quorum of the Section members present.

      Rev. July 20,
      Reaffirmed with no changes 
February 1999

For questions regarding this document, contact Melissa Cast-Brede

Participants in Reciprocal Borrowing Program

(Forty One Members) - Updated October 2008

Institution (Link to Hours) Contact Phone E-Mail
Bellevue University Barbara Haney 402-557-7307 barbara.haney@
Central Community College,

Dee Johnson 402-562-1418 djohnson@
Central Community College,
Grand Island
Linda Bowden 308-398-7395 lbowden@
Central Community College,
Sherrie Dux-Ideus 402-461-2538 sideus@
Chadron State College Glenda Gamby 308-432-6148 ggamby@
Clarkson College
(Faculty Only)
Nicole Caskey 402-552-3387 library@
College of St. Mary Sr. Judy Pat Healy 402-399-2631 jhealy@
Concordia University Thomas Krenzke 402-643-7256 tom.krenzke@
Creighton University,
Health Science Library

Print material only)
Richard Jizba 402-280-5142 richardjizba@
Creighton University,
Reinert/Alumni Library
Debra Sturges 402-280-4756 dsturges@
Creighton University,
Klutznick Law Library

Steve Williams 402-280-2242 lawcirculation@
Doane College Julie Pinnell 402-826-8568 julie.pinnell@
Grace University Ben Brick 402-449-2979 library@
Hastings College Susan Franklin 402-461-7411 sfranklin@
ITT Technical Institute Kara Pulchow 402-331-2900

ext. 23
Kaplan College -
Lincoln Campus

Formerly Hamilton College & Lincoln School of
Shari Bills 402-474-5315
         ext. 240
Kaplan University -
Omaha Campus

formerly Hamilton College & Nebraska College of
Ela Ciborowski 402-431-6156 eciborowski@
McCook Community College Pat Bonge 308-345-8127
Metropolitan Community
Scott Mahoney 402-289-1324 smahoney@
Midland University Barbara Coke 402-941-6253
Mid-Plains Community College Keith Saathoff 308-532-8980 kasaatho@
Nebraska Christian College Linda Lloyd 402-279-5104 llloyd@
Nebraska Indian Community College
(Omaha Tribal Library
Santee Tribal Library)
Ryan Elder 402-837-5078  
Nebraska Methodist College,
John Moritz
(Faculty only;
Print material only)
Tem Adair 402-354-7248 Tem.Adair@
Nebraska Wesleyan Univ. Margaret Emons 402-465-2405 memons@
Northeast Community
LaRae Worden 402-844-7130 marylouise@
Peru State College Susan Abrahams 402-872-2311 sabrahams@
Southeast Community
, Beatrice
Cathy Barringer 204-228-3468

Southeast Community
, Lincoln
Jo Shimmin 402-437-2586 jshimmin@
Southeast Community
Arden Mohrman 402-761-8423 amohrman@
St. Gregory The Great
Dr. Terrence
Summit Christian College Evelyn Hopper 308-632-6933 contact@
Union College Jeannette Wetmore 402-486-2514 interlibraryloan@
University of Nebraska
at Kearney
Dee Goedert 308-865-8597 goedertd@
University of Nebraska
at Omaha
Robert L. Smith 402-554-3206 rlsmith@
University of Nebraska -

Love Library and branches
Deb Pearson 402-472-4260 debp@
University of Nebraska -

Schmid Law Library
Sandy Placzek 402-472-8261 splaczek2@
University of Nebraska
Medical Center

Confirm eligibility via link.
Rod Cope 402-559-4006 rcope@
Vatterott College Lynda Muller 402-891-9411
ext. 126
Wayne State College

(No loans for "Popular
Reading Collection" or  glass
Maria Johnson 402-375-7261 majohns1@
Western Nebraska
Community College
, Scottsbluff
Jill Ellis 308-635-6133 jellis@
Western Nebraska Community College, Sidney Vacant - Contact Scottsbluff 308-254-7451  
York College Leo Miller 402-363-5706 Leo.miller@

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