Who did you see at conference? What did you learn?

Ella Jane Bailey, Sandy Herzinger, Sharon Mason at 2012 MPLA/NLA/NSLA Conference Last week, I attended the MPLA/NLA/NSLA Library Conference and got to visit with a few librarians. One of the biggest advantages to conferences is the networking we get to do outside of our libraries and even outside of the sessions. I love hearing about new ideas and this conference did not fail to produce new possibilities that I can take back to my library.

This past conference I attended several wonderful TSRT-sponsored sessions and although I did not get to attend all, as a couple were scheduled for the same time, I got to hear lots of great information from 'filtering" the internet to disaster planning.

One highlight from Thursday conference was that not only did I get to hear Dr. Tom Osborne's keynote speech but that I got to sit and have lunch with him at the NLA lunch. It was an unexpected delight and I kind of felt like I was having lunch with a long-time family member that I hadn't ever met.

Pictured left is Ella Jane Bailey, Sandy Herzinger and Sharon Mason (photo courtesy of Corinne Jacox). I hope that I, too, will still attend conference after I retire. What a fun way to spend a couple of days in October!

Please check out the official link to presentations hosted by the MPLA site.  http://www.mpla.us/documents/handouts/2012/index.html