Proposed TSRT Strategic Goals

TSRT Chair Angela Kroeger and TSRT Vice-Chair Heather Buckwalter developed a set of proposed strategic goals for TSRT, aligned with the NLA Strategic Plan 2013-2015. We will be discussing these goals at the TSRT Fall General Meeting on Friday, October 11, at the NLA/NSLA Annual Conference. Please join us.

The proposed TSRT Strategic Goals:

Advocacy and Public Policy

Build awareness of all seven areas of technical services--acquisitions, collection development, cataloging and classification, preservation, serials control, interlibrary loan, and document delivery--within and beyond Nebraska libraries, and of how these services benefit library users.

Building the Profession

Provide information and training opportunities for library staff to keep up with a rapidly changing landscape.

Member Engagement

Attract new members to the organization through promotion and programming.

Organizational Excellence

Seek advice from the membership about the direction the organization should be headed, and integrate that advice into future planning.

Transforming Libraries

Be vigilant with changes in technology and standards in all aspects of technical services, and provide training and support for members implementing those changes.