Friday, 25 of April of 2014

Fall Conference


TSRT Sponsored Programs:
The Future of Preservation: Sustainability of Collections – Gina Minks – Thursday, 8:00-8:50 AM
Patron Driven Acquisition of E-Books – Kay Logan-Peters and Mary Bolin – Thursday, 8:00-8:50 AM
TSRT Business Meeting – Thursday, 3:00-3:50 PM
The Filter Bubble: Implications for Libraries – Angela Kroeger – Friday, 8:00-8:50 AM
Practical Preservation Techniques – Joyce Burner – Friday, 1:30-2:20 PM
Emergency Preparedness Planning – Valeria Orlandini – Friday, 1:30-2:20 PM
Nebraska RDA Practice Group -  Corinne Jacox, Margaret Mering, Casey Kralik, Emily Nimsakont – Friday, 2:30-3:20 PM

Let’s Talk About RDA – Deirdre Routt, Corinne Jacox, Emily Nimsakont
Letting the Patron Drive – Sally Gibson
Weeding Collections – Laura Johnson, Maggie Tarelli-Falcon, Casey Kralik, Patty Birch
Pioneer’s Progress – Steve Fosselman, Greg Mickells, Pam Soreide

RDA: the New Cataloging Code (powerpoint)
Margaret Mering, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
RDA was published in June 2010. This presentation will give a brief history of RDA and its development. It will give a broad overview of the difference between RDA and AACR2. It will explore what differences our users can expect to see when searching the catalog. Sponsored by TSRT. Audience: General.  Holiday Inn – Islander I

History of the Book…The Story Continues
Sheila Siegler, Paper Conservator
Join us for the continuing saga of the book, as Dr. Siegler again shares her expertise. Those who have attended her previous sessions know how informative and entertaining this will be. Sponsored by TSRT. Audience: General.  Holiday Inn – Governor’s

Migration Tips and Tricks
Laura England, Keene Memorial Library
Planning to upgrade your system, migrate to Software as a Service or even to a different vendor? Keene Memorial Library went from a locally hosted system to SaaS in February 2010. Along the way, we learned about *lots* of little things that nobody thinks to tell you in advance. Come to this session to get the behind-the-scenes look at what we’d do differently next time! Sponsored by ITART & TSRT. Audience: General, Public.  Holiday Inn – Governor’s
Pioneer’s Progress
Pioneer Council
The Pioneer Consortium has very exciting progress to report at the conclusion of its LSTA grant, including an enrollment period for your library to qualify for Nebraska’s brand new and cost-effective open source (Koha) ILS system. It’s like finally reaching Chimney Rock! Sponsored by TSRT & ITART. Audience: General.  Riverside – Cottonwood

Cataloging Streaming Media
Janice Boyer, Cataloging Librarian, UNO
Streaming media is becoming more common and library catalogs can make access easy. Cataloging rules and procedures will be presented so catalogers can confidently handle requests to include streaming media in their catalogs.
Technical Services Discussion Forum
Lori Brezina, Youth Collection Development Manager OPL; Michael Sauers, Technology Innovation Librarian NLC
Join us for lively discussions on issues in Technical Services from how to work with Early Reader collection, Web 2.0 in the catalog, and Cataloging on a shoestring.
Getting the Most Out of Your Online Subscriptions: How to Increase the Visibility & Viability of Your Online Collections
Ann Kaste, Digital Resources Librarian, UNMC
Nebraska libraries provide patrons access to vast amounts of resources. One of our greatest challenges is publicizing our online holdings, making them visible and enabling them to integrate into one another. We will discuss several ways of making sure your valuable online resources are being utilized to their maximum potential. Licensing for “off campus” use, user authentication, visibility on the library web page, and link resolving, are some of the many ways to maximize use of the resources that you already have.
Update on Pioneer (co-sponsored with ITART)
Greg Mickells, Asst. Director, Members of the Pioneer Group
An update on the Pioneer, Open Source ILS project in Nebraska
The History of the Book
Dr. Sheila Siegler, Page Conservator
What is the connection between small, notched stones and limp vellum bindings? (What are limp bellum bindings, anyway?) Why were thick wooden boards sometimes used to cover a book? The history and development of the book is based firmly on practicality. Nothing was ever done without a good reason. Come along and find out how generations of book maker have solved the problems involved with preserving the written word. If you were in Dr. Siegler’s presentation on “How Books are Made” last year, you already known how informative and entertaining this will be.

Picture of 2008 TSRT Booth and Members Jan Boyer and Devra Dragos

Pre-Conference, Wednesday, October 15, 2008, 9:00 am-4:00 pm
What is a Book Worth? Determining the Value of a Book
43 attendees
Presenter: Dr. Sidney Berger (resume)
Books come to libraries from different sources, in different conditions, and
with different values. Often a librarian is perplexed in deciding which books to
keep, and why, and which books should be passed on to others or even sold. What
is meant by the “value” or “worth” of a book? Is it dollar value, or intrinsic,
research value? What are the variables in determining the value of a book? What
tools are available for making the determination? Is there a difference in the
insurance value of a book and in the replacement value? Should books be
purchased from eBay, or relatives, or thrift shops? Why do different copies of
the same title vary in value? Dr. Berger will assist participants in learning
the answers to these questions and more during this all-day event. Participants
are invited to bring a book or two to assist in the learning process. This is
the same workshop offered by Dr. Berger at the UIU-C GSLIS Book Arts program.
Forging New Frontiers: A State-wide Open Source ILS for Nebraska
39 attendees
Presenters: Greg Mickells, Ted Smith, Pam Soreide, Deirdre Routt
Discussion about the planned statewide ILS using opensource ILS such as
Evergreen and Koha.
Dewey or Don’t We?
95 attendees
Presenters: Becky Baker, Kim McCain, and a representative from Lee
Bookstore, Lincoln
Informational panel discussion on the planning involved and implementation
of the change from Dewey to a subject based shelf organization. Additional input
from a local bookstore on the subject based organization and the way people look
for books.
You Can Find a Needle in a Haystack: Archival Finding Aids Made Easy
19 attendees
Presenters: John Schleicher, Peggy Finch, and Tim Ivins
How do you make materials easier to locate in archival collections? Can you
really find a needle in a haystack? Join library staff from special collections
to find out how to compile basic finding aids for your archival collections.
Bringing Semantic Diversity to the Online Catalog with LibraryThing
51 attendees
Presenters: Rachel Erb and Melissa Cast-Brede
As part of the Web OPAC redesign project at UNO, LibraryThing tags were added to
matching bibliographic records in the online catalog. This presentation will
cover the practical aspects of adding LibraryThing tags to most vendor-based
OPACs, address the variety of tags employed and offer ideas for effective
tagging. In addition, we will explore how a collaborative service learning
project with discipline specific university classes encouraged patron
participation. We will also examine the overall quality and utility of
LibraryThing’s folksonomy. Lastly, additional features to be added in the near
future by LibraryThing’s developers will be discussed.
How Books are Made
41 attendees
Presenters: Sheila Siegler and Houchen Bindery
Have you ever wondered why the pages of some books just drop out? Do you know
why you should never “crack open” the spine of a book? Do you know why a
“Perfect” binding is anything but perfect?
This session will look at some of the different ways to make a book and what
effect different binding methods can have on the longevity of the book. It will
also endeavor to explain some of the mysteries about books…What are endpapers
actually for? Why do the front covers always fall off Victorian family Bibles?
What makes a “Trade” paperback?

10/25/2007 Nebraska Public Documents Digitization
Speakers: Katherine Walter, University of Nebraska at Lincoln; Beth Goble, Nebraska Library Commission; Cindy Drake, Nebraska State Historical Society; James Shaw, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Between 1875 and 1956, the State of Nebraska arranged for reports of the
various state agencies to be published in annual bound compilations. The volumes
in the Nebraska Public Documents series remain an important resource for
Nebraska history, but many have deteriorated badly and few libraries have them
at all. The libraries at UNL and UNO, the NLC, and the NSHS joined forces to
digitize the collection and make it freely available on the Internet. This
presentation describes the surprising twists and turns of this massive,
multi-terabyte, digitization project, and the Internet collection will be
10/26/2007 Are you ready for shelf- ready?
Speakers: Jan Boyer, University of Nebraska at Omaha; Bob Nash, University of Nebraska at Omaha
During 2006 the University of Nebraska at Omaha began using Yankee Book Peddler
to submit electronic orders and to have most library materials arrive with
cataloging records and ready for the shelf.
Decisions to be made and issues to be addressed when considering this process
will be outlined.
10/26/2007 Cataloging ghettos: Segregating Titles by Gender and Race
Speakers: Kevin Graham, Creighton University; Charity Martin, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
A discussion on how subject classification and call number assignment can create
“ghettos,” particularly in the areas of women’s studies and African-American


10/26/2006 Mergers and Acquisitions: When Library Catalogs Merge
10/27/2006 Libraries as Museums
Speakers: John Schleicher, UNMC; Don Snoddy, Retired; Meredith McGowan, Curator, Lincoln City Libraries
Libraries are not just books! They also contain rare, unusual, and valuable
items both in print and in other formats. Learn how libraries organize, preserve
and display these items and how you might make your artifacts more accessible to
your customers.

2005 9/29/2005 The Secret Lives of Catalogers
Speakers: Ben Brick, Omaha Public Library; Sue Ann Gardner, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Sharon Mason, University of Nebraska-Kearney
What does a cataloger actually do with the day? What are the rewards and what
are the annoyances? What might one expect of a career in cataloging and
technical services? How does on prepare, and what must one do to keep up with
rapid change? This panel will prove especially interesting to those entering
librarianship or perhaps contemplating a career change, but many may benefit
from the perspective of the panelists’ experiences.9/30/2005 Approaches to Authority Control for Your Library Catalog
Speakers: Corinne Jacox, Klutznick Law Library, Creighton University; Deirdre Routt, Omaha Public Library; Mary Marchio, Omaha Public Library
Authority control effectively brings catalog records together so that variations
in names and headings are less likely to hinder searches. Libraries may develop
in-house procedures for authority control, and they may contract with vendors to
upgrade records. This presentation will provide practical examples and advice
for understanding and managing authority control. 10/8/2004 Serving Two Masters: Working in Positions that Cross the
Traditional Boundaries of Public and Technical Services
Moderator: Corinne Jacox Speaker: Jim Bothmer, Deirdre Routt and Jim Shaw Location: Grand Island, NLA Conference 10/7/2004 Tending Our Fields: Weeding Collections to Make Them Stronger
Moderator: Mary Marchio
Speaker: Nancy Busch, Mary Griffin and Mary Helms
Location: Grand Island, NLA Conference
10/7/2004 Trends and Initiatives in Interlibrary Loan
Speaker: Joyce Melvin
Location: Grand Island, NLA Conference
10/31/2003 Dead-Ends in Your OPACs and How to Avoid Them
Speaker: Brian Striman
Location: Omaha, NLA Conference
10/30/2003 Technical Services in One or Two Person Libraries
Moderators: Kathy Tooker, Brenda Ealey
Speakers: Tom Schmitz, Jeanette Groppe
Location: Omaha, NLA Conference
10/30/2003 Get a Career @ your library®
Speakers: Richard Miller, Pam Scott, Kay Hershey, Deb Robertson
Location: Omaha, NLA Conference
10/25/2002 Cataloging and Reference: Friends or Foes?
(co-sponsored with NMRT)
Moderator: Charity Martin; Panel: Holly Paxson, James Shaw, Sharon Mason, Mary
Marchio, Tracy Bicknell-Holmes
Location: Lincoln, NLA Conference
10/24/2002 Western Trails Digitization Project
Speakers: Beth Goble, Joanne Ferguson Cavanaugh, Margaret Mering, Dee Ann
Location: Lincoln, NLA Conference
10/24/2002 Linking to the Past: Opportunities through Digitization
Speaker: Liz Bishoff
Location: Lincoln, NLA Conference
10/19/2001 Ninety Years of Cataloging in the Trenches in Nebraska
Speakers: Sandy Herzinger, Ella Jane Bailey, and Sharon Mason
Location: Kearney, NLA Conference
10/26/2000 Tour of Ford Conservation Center
(co-sponsored with MPLA Preservation, Archives and Special Collections)
Location: Omaha, NLA Conference
10/21/1999 Reports of Our Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated, Or: If All
Else Fails, Evolve
Speaker: Janet Swan Hill, University of Colorado, Boulder
Location: Lincoln, NLA Conference
10/23/1998 Dewey for Windows
Speaker: Teresa Mullins, OCLC
Location: Grand Island, NLA Conference
10/1997 Licensing and Copyright
(co-sponsored with C&U)
Speakers: Stan Gardner, Judy Johnson, and Ellen Van Waart
Location: Omaha, NLA Conference
10/29/1997 Book Repair and Binding Pre-Conference
(co-sponsored with Paraprofessional Section)
Speakers: Sheila Orth and Michael Rogerson
Location: Omaha, NLA Conference
10/1996 Cataloging at the Library of Congress
(co-sponsored with Paras)
Speaker: Gene Kinnaly, Library of Congress
Location: Lincoln, NLA Conference
10/1996 Netiquette
(co-sponsored with Paras)
Speaker: Gene Kinnaly, Library of Congress
Location: Lincoln, NLA Conference
10/1996 Telecommuting
Speakers: Judy Johnson, Dorothy Otoupal, and Weston Crawford
Location: Lincoln, NLA Conference
10/26/1995 Creative Ideas in Nebraska’s Technical Services
Location: Kearney, NLA Conference
Speakers: Deirdre Routt, Omaha Public Library; Diane Schram, Metropolitan Community College; Susan Domnanish, Baright Public Library
What is involved in the merger of library catalogs? Representatives from Omaha
Public Library, Metropolitan Community College and Baright Public Library in
Ralston will discuss the issues, process, and decision making that was part of
the project to combine their catalogs.



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