NMRT Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2014

Schmid Law Library, UNL, Lincoln, NE

Present: William Bragg, Lindsey Bray, Karin Dalziel, Holli Duggan, Matt Kovar, Jennifer Lockwood, Aimee Owen, Shoshana Patocka, Jake Rundle, Bridget Walsh, Amy Wenzl

Call to Order: Matt Kovar, 1:45 p.m.

Chair Report (Matt):

  • Matt will attend the January 31st  NLA meeting.
  • Remember to renew your NLA membership; membership expires at the end of each calendar year.

Secretary/Treasurer Report (Aimee):

  • Current account balance is $568.23

Webmaster Report (Karin):

  • Scott Childers (NLA webmaster) is migrating all sections and round tables to WordPress.  This should be easy for NMRT, as we also use WordPress.
  • Karin is no longer technically a “New Member” and asked if anyone would like to step in as webmaster.  It is an appointed position and doesn’t require a vote. Jennifer Lockwood volunteered and was appointed webmaster.

Old Business:

  • None

New Business:

  • Beginning Professional and Mentor of the Year Awards:
    • Dana Schipporeit has agreed to be our Awards Chair for this year.
    • Matt asked if the submission period for our two awards should be extended from the current June-September timeframe.  It was suggested that just more promotion was needed.
    • Ways to bring more attention to the awards were brainstormed; email and Facebook announcements are not enough.
      • Amy will talk to Dr. Pasco about announcing in class, or having us present.
  • Nebraska Libraries contributions: Matt submitted an article for the      upcoming February issue.  He suggested that we collect testimonials of how members have benefitted from NMRT for a future issue.  We can also use the space this summer to promote our awards.  If you have something you’d like to write about, all submissions are welcome. Contact Matt or the editor, Lindsey Tomsu.
  • Meeting ideas:  it was agreed that most enjoy the tours NMRT arranges for its meetings. Suggestions for other tour venues include the Houchen Bindery, the McGoogan medical library, the recently damaged Wahoo Public Library, the Learning Commons at UNK or the remodeled Kearney Library, the Ford Conservatory, among others.  Matt will contact some and try to make arrangements.
  • Our next meeting will be Monday, March 24th at the Nebraska State Penitentiary. There is a limit of 25 people for the tour, so sign up early.  The tour will begin at 12:30 with a short business meeting afterwards at a TDB location.

Meeting Adjourned, 2:11 p.m.

Submitted by Aimee Owen

NMRT Meeting Minutes
October 11, 2013

Annual Business Meeting
Younes Conference Center, Kearney, NE

Call to Order: Bethany Grabow, 2:40 p.m.

Awards Presentation:

  • Bob Nedderman (Perkins Library at Hastings College) was presented with the Houchan Bindery Mentor of the Year award.

Outgoing Chair Report (Bethany):

  • NLA is discussing combined spring meetings; please let Matt know if you have any questions, concerns, etc to pass on to NLA

Secretary/Treasurer Report (Aimee):

  • Current account balance is $621.91
  • We passed a vote to turn our financial duties over to the NLA Treasurer.
  • Past minutes on the NMRT website.

Webmaster Report (Karin - absent):

  • All NLA sites are transitioning to WordPress, rollout anticipated by December.
  • “Like” the NMRT Facebook page to stay current with all our upcoming events and news.

New Business:

  • Please post things to our Facebook page if you find interesting things, or if you’d like to help with our FB page, let Matt know.
  • Please make sure your email address is correct with NLA so you can get all the NLA/NMRT news.
  • New Officers:  Holly – Vice Chair, and Aimee – Secretary/Treasurer.
  • Bethany passed the gavel on to Matt, our new Chair.
  • Incoming Chair (Matt) led group introductions and discussed upcoming meetings.
    • Next meeting: January in Lincoln at the UNL Law Library and Storage Facility.
    • March/April Spring Meeting: Nebraska State Pen. Library. It was suggested that we take book donations..
    • Summer (June): possibly Learning Commons at UNK, maybe a discussion of disaster response.
    • Possibly August/late summer meeting.  Other suggested location:  UNO/Kaneko, Waverly, Seward libraries.

Meeting Adjourned, 3:15 p.m.

NMRT is planning to meet on Friday, January 17th in Lincoln for our first meeting of 2014. This meeting is a great way to meet other librarians from around the state while learning about different types of Nebraska libraries. While we meet to learn more about libraries, NMRT events are more about networking than anything else. Not currently a member of NMRT? Come see what we are all about!

We will meet at Braeda (4901 O St # 100 Lincoln, NE 68510) for lunch at 11:30. Following lunch, we will make our way to UNL’s East Campus and meet at the Schmid Law Library, where we will be given a tour beginning at 1pm. We will have a short business meeting following the tour. Our meeting will then conclude with a tour of the UNL Library Depository Retrieval Facility. If you have never visited either of these locations, this meeting is a great way to expand your knowledge of the UNL library system.

For more information on this meeting, or to sign up, please email mkovar@kearneygov.org.

New Members Round Table is now accepting nominations for the 2013 Houchen Bindery Beginning Professional Award and the 2013 Houchen Bindery Mentor of the Year Award.

Houchen Bindery Beginning Professional Award

The Houchen Bindery Beginning Professional Award is a cash prize sponsored by Houchen Bindery LTD. It is awarded to a beginning librarian or media specialist who has made significant contributions to library and/or media services in the early stages of his/her career. If you know a new professional who has: created innovative programs or services which improved library service in Nebraska, made exceptional use of local, state, or national library resources including special grants, made significant contributions toward the betterment of library and community relations, and been active in professional library organizations on a local, state or national level, then nominate that person for the Houchen Bindery Beginning Professional Award.

Houchen Bindery Mentor of the Year Award

The Houchen Bindery Mentor of the Year Award goes to an individual who has aided significantly in the professional development of librarians, media specialists or library staff, and, by example, has influenced their careers. Thanks to the generosity of the Houchen Bindery, the award also comes with a $150 cash prize as of 2007. If you know someone who has: had extraordinary influence on the professional development of one or more junior staff members, encouraged involvement of staff in professional endeavors, provided strong leadership, and set a good example of professional involvement, then you know someone who deserves the Mentor of the Year Award.

Houchen Bindery Mentor of the Year Award
Houchen Bindery Beginning Professional Award

Nominations must be received by September 1, 2013.

Please download the PDF, fill it out, save it, and email it along with supporting documentation to:

Lindsey Bray
NMRT Awards Chair
Omaha Public Library

NMRT Meeting Minutes

April 30, 2013

Omaha Public Library, Saddlecreek Branch, Omaha, NE


 Present: Bethany Grabow, Lindsey Bray, Aimee Owen, Matt Kovar, Jake Rundle, Amy Wenzl

 Call to Order: Bethany Grabow, 3:45 p.m.

 Chair Report (Bethany):

  • Bethany attended the April 19th NLA meeting via Webinar. 
    • The NLA will provide a sponsorship to the ASRL library conference to take place in Omaha.
    • The NLA is working on rebranding.  A new logo and branding strategy will hopefully be in place by this fall.  They are considering new merchandise through CafePress. 
    • The new website may have library-related ads.
    • The Nebraska Libraries newsletter needs articles; we need to submit something.
      • Lindsey suggested a “Tips & Tricks for Attending Your First NLA Fall Conference” article. 
      • If you’d like to submit an article, contact Bethany, or Lindsey Tomsu (newsletter editor).
    • The next NLA board meeting is Wednesday, July 10th in Kearney; Matt will attend.
    • The YART spring meeting is May 18th in York, from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.  It is $10 and the theme is “Hot Topics in Teen Librarianship.”
    • The ALA Conference is in July; Matt and Bethany are attending.
    • The NLA Conference is October 9-11, in Kearney.

 Secretary/Treasurer Report (Aimee):

  • Matt moved to approve the meeting notes from the January 31st, 2013meeting.  Lindsey seconded, all approved.
  • Bethany  gave the Treasurer’s Report:
    • Current account balance is $371.91
    • Bylaws change was voted on; we will turn out treasurer function over to the NLA Treasurer.

Webmaster Report:

  • Scott Childers is the new Webmaster for NLA. 

Old Business:

  • Matt has two nominees for the Vice Chair position – Lindsey and Holly, but only one for the Secretary position (Aimee).  The deadline was today (April 30), but will likely be extended.  If you know of anyone who is interested in running, let Matt know. 
  • We can reuse Lindsey, Holly, and Aimee’s bios and photos from the last election.

 New Business:

  • Fall Conference:
    • Our proposed programs for Fall Conference include:
      • Speed networking breakfast – a louder device for switching tables was suggested.  Blank business cards will be provided for those making networking connections.
      • “What are employers looking for?” – A panel of managers will talk about tips for getting hired.
      • NMRT business meeting – will include our awards presentation.
      • New grad panel – Kathryn Brockmeier has NLC scholarship students lined to up do this.
      • “Read to a dog” – Christine Walsh of Kearney Public Library.
    • Lindsey also suggested a “Free & Easy Online Readers Advisory Tools” presentation.
    • Kathy Tooker would like us to sponsor a conference “mentors” program for first-time attendees.  We can invite mentors/mentees to the speed-networking breakfast.
      • If there is interest in ongoing mentoring relationships, we could send out monthly email activities to encourage interaction.
    • We will have a social outing on the Thursday night of Fall Conference.  Old Chicago was suggested.
  • We will donate $50 to the Nixon Scholarship fund.
  • Awards: Lindsey will be the awards coordinator again this year.
    • We will send info about the awards to the Nebraska Libraries newsletter for August.
    • A web form will be made available for nominations.
    • We’ll vote at the September board meeting.
  • Facebook: We need to add more administrators to our page; Beth will make Matt admin to start.  We also need more posts.
    • Adding a Goodreads widget to our Facebook page or our blog was suggested to encourage interaction.
    • A post asking about NLA attendance was also proposed.
  • Meeting attendance: the question was raised as to how to increase meeting attendance.
    • Could we meet at a bar?
    • Touring a smaller or non-automated library was suggested.  Waverly and Seward were both mentioned.
  • The next meeting will be in late August/early September, on a Friday afternoon.

Meeting Adjourned, 4:55 p.m.

Submitted by Aimee Owen