NMRT Meeting Minutes
April 17, 2015
At Spielbound
Members Present: Holli Duggan, Jennifer Lockwood, Dana Schipporeit, Anneka Ramirez, Julie Kirk, Matt Kovar, Terri Rickel

Dana – will continue as Awards Chair
Secretary – Jessica Votipka
Secretary – Julie Kirk
Vice Chair – Terri Rickel
Vice Chair - ?

Proposal – NLA
Holli will put in a proposal to have a meet and greet for NMRT at the conference.  It will be a speed-networking breakfast.

It was recommended to do a Conference Orientation for new attendees so they understand how to make the most of the conference.  Maybe we can take them under our wings.

First Time attendee table
Holli will bring up the attendee table at the next board meeting.  Marie is retiring from attending the table, so NMRT is taking it over.  Jen has the sign.  There will be a tip sheet and a “meet and greet” sheet with which new attendees will get names and email addresses of the people they meet.  We will need to manage the table and the prize baskets.  There were 43 buttons used last year.  It was recommended to not add the year next time, because then they can be reused from year to year.  Janine Hill from Minden would like to help.

Holli said that nothing was heard about the blogs yet and how to update them.

NMRT Meeting – Monday 3/23/15
8:00 p.m. Via Skype
Members present: Holli Duggan, Jennifer Lockwood, Dana Schipporeit, Matt Kovar, Anneka Ramirez, Terri Rickel


We need to pick a day that works for everyone. It would probably be best to have an afternoon meeting. Kaneko is located in the old market and that would be the place to start.

Future Meeting Schedule

  • In April, we will go to Kaneko and Spielbound. The date chosen was April 17th. We will tour their library. Look at the website, it provides a lot of good information.  We will plan to meet at 1:00 at Kaneko and then go to the Spielbound for the meeting.
  • The next meeting should be in July. No location has been picked yet.
  • It would be good to have a meeting before the conference – say in September.

NLA Website

The website has changed a lot. Under groups, you will find the Round table group after you login. There are also blogs and forums. It was suggested to alternate who updates the bog. Holli volunteered for March and Dana for April. Let Scott Childers know if you are having problems accessing it. Rachel is the editor of the NLA newsletter.

Jennifer put the bios on the website.

Action item: Holli will contact Mike and Scott about editing Blogs


We need to divide up who will be doing things for the New Members Round Table for the Conference. We will be taking over the New Members Table from the ladies retired and we need to divide up the assignments. In April, this will be discussed.

Awards nominations

We need to line up people for next year. Jessica who is from Exeter is looking forward to being involved.

We need 2 each position as nominations: Vice Chair and Secretary

Meeting – adjourned

Submitted by: Terri Rickel, Secretary

NMRT Meeting Minutes

Annual Business Meeting

October 10, 2014

Marina Inn Conference Center, South Sioux City, NE

Call to Order: Matt Kovar, 2:30 p.m.

Awards Presentation:

  • Michael Straatmann (Love Library at UNL) was presented with the Houchen Bindery Mentor of the Year award.
  • Cherese McKnight (Omaha Public Library) was presented with the Houchen Bindery Beginning Professional of the Year award.
  • Matt Kovar thanked this year’s awards coordinator, Dana Schipporeit, for her efforts and Houchen Bindery for their continued supposed of our awards.

Outgoing Chair Report (Matt):

  • Matt thanked outgoing officers Holli Duggan and Aimee Owen. He also thanked webmaster Jennifer Lockwood for her work on the website migration.

Secretary Report (Aimee):

  • Past minutes on the NMRT website.

New Business:

  • New Officers: Anneka Ramirez–Vice Chair, and Terri Rickel– Secretary.
  • Matt passed the gavel on to Holli, our new Chair.
  • Incoming Chair (Holli) asked for suggestions for future meetings.
  • Jennifer Lockwood announced the First-Time Attendees raffle winners.
    • Jennifer will run the FTA table next year and wants NMRT to take over this function.
    • If you want to help, contact Jennifer.
  • Michael Straatmann called on everyone to work to make NLA more welcoming and improve outreach. NMRT has a special role in this, because our members have fresh perspectives.

Meeting Adjourned, 2:45 p.m.

NMRT Meeting Minutes

September 19, 2014

Ingredient, Omaha, NE

Present: Holli Duggan, Matt Kovar, Jennifer Lockwood, Aimee Owen, Terri Rickel, Dana Schipporeit

Call to Order: Matt Kovar, 12:15 p.m.

Beginning Professional and Mentor of the Year Awards:

  • We had one nominee for our Beginning Profession of the Year award, Cherese McKnight. Cherese is the Children’s Librarian at the Omaha Public Library’s Abrahams Branch.
  • There were two nominees for the Mentor of the Year award: Michael Straattmann (UNL Love Library) and Robin Clark (Sump Memorial Library in Papillion). After debate and a vote, Michael Straattmann was selected as the winner.
  • Matt will order the awards from Awards Unlimited in Lincoln, and Aimee will pick up.
  • The awards will be presented at the Fall Conference during the NMRT Business Meeting.

Fall Conference:

  • Our Networking Breakfast is scheduled on Friday before the day’s session begin, at 7:00 a.m.
  • We will not have an exhibitor’s booth this year.
  • Our business meeting is on Friday at 2:30. Matt will hand over his gavel to Holli and we will present our awards.

Meeting Adjourned, 1:20 p.m.

Submitted by Aimee Owen

Don't miss out on NMRT's events at the NLA Conference, October 9-10.  If this is your first time at conference, make sure to stop by the First-Time Attendee table near Registration to get your button, sign up for the drawing, and ask any questions you may have about Conference.

NMRT Speed Networking Breakfast

Friday, 7:00-8:00am, Monterey Room (Note that this is before the first session.)

All First-Time Attendees, NMRT members, and otherwise friendly people are encouraged to attend the speed networking breakfast on Friday morning.  Come prepared with an empty stomach and a smile.  Bringing business cards is encouraged but sheets will also be provided to write down contact information.

NMRT Business Meeting

Friday, 2:30-3:20pm, Iowa Room

Our Annual Business Meeting will start with the presentation of the 2014 Houchen Bindery Beginning Professional and Mentor of the Year awards.  We will also present the Friday winner of the First-Time Attendees drawing.  This is a great to time to see what NMRT does.

We'll see you there!

The NLA New Members Round Table will be meeting in Omaha on the afternoon of Friday, September 19th to tour the Gerald R. Ford Conservation Center. The Gerald R. Ford Conservation Center is a regional conservation facility that is part of the Nebraska State Historical Society. It offers services to private individuals, public museums and libraries, corporations, and state and federal agencies. Services include the conservation examination and treatment of objects, consulting on many collection-related topics, educational activities, public outreach programming, and assessments and surveys of collections.

The tour will begin at 2pm, and will last approximately one hour.  This meeting is free and open to all NLA members. Attending NMRT meetings is a great way to get to know other Nebraska library professionals while touring different libraries and library related facilities throughout the state. Please register by Wednesday, September 17th.

For more information on this meeting, or to sign up, please email mkovar@kearneygov.org. To keep up to date with current happenings in NMRT, please like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/NMRTNebraska and follow us on Twitter under the handle @NMRT_NLA.