ITART Meeting Minutes 5/20/11 [DRAFT]

Jan Boyer’s announcement

  • Online open access journal will launch soon, replaces the old printed NLAQ
  • NLA Strategic Plan has 5 areas, some of which we are already working on. Contact Jan if you’d like to help in any of the areas.
    • Advocacy and Public Policy
    • Member Engagement
    • Organizational Excellence
    • Building the Profession
    • Transforming Libraries
  • Spring meetings have gone well.
  • The NLA Fall conference October 5-7
    • There will be 4 preconferences, 2 half day and 2 full day.
  • In October of 2012 we will be hosting MPLA in conjunction with our annual conference – this happens in Nebraska every 12 years. We will need lots of help! Especially if you live in Omaha.
  • They are also planning the 2014 conference. Looking at South Sioux City – never had a conference there, going to go look at the facilities. Let Jan know if you have any input.

Introductions/Call to order

Attending: Karin Dalziel (chair), Andrew Sherman, Lindsey Bray, Amy Mather (vice chair), Laura England-Biggs, Megan Boggs, Carolyn Bennett, Christa Burns, Mark Andrews, Kelly Olson, Michael Sauers (past chair), Linda Parker.

(Please let Karin ( if I have missed anyone or am spelling anyone’s name wrong)

Spring Meeting Report (Karin Dalziel) & Treasurer Report

Karin reported that the financial split for the spring meeting was 80% C&U/ 20% ITART.

ITART’s share is $412.14, which bring’s ITART’s total funds to $1,635.5

2011 NLA Conference Report

  • Amy Mather handled the conference proposals, but does not know exactly how many sessions were put in for ITART.
  • Karin will request a business meeting and a booth for conference.

(Note: I checked the spreadsheet, and it appears we only have one submitted conference proposal, which is: Karin Dalziel & Elizabeth Lorang – Digital Humanities and Libraries)

Recruitment/Elections (Michael Sauers)

Michael has found people to run for secretary/treasurer and vice chair. They are:


  • Christa Burns
  • Lindsay Bray

Vice Chair:

  • Jon Ritterbush
  • Becky Wymar

Michael brought up the possibility of increasing the chair term to two years instead of one because of the difficulty in maintaining institutional knowledge. Karin said that would make the chair position a 6 year term, which some might be hesitant to commit to. The idea will be revisited at the annual meeting.

Linda suggested that there should perhaps be a duties checklist (derived from the bylaws) which will list the duties (with timeline) of each position. Karin will create a first draft of this and post it to Google Docs for edits.

Spring meeting 2012

Karin asked the group to think of ideas (especially partnerships) for a spring meeting next year. Forward any ideas to Amy Mather.

Membership Drive

Michael Sauers has generously donated an ipod shuffle as a prize for this year’s membership drive. Amy Mather agreed to head up the membership drive, and will compose an email to send to the NLA membership telling them about the prize. The drive will last through conference, and we will draw our winner from those who are registered as ITART members in November, so that people can sign up at conference and still be considered.

Karin will ask Michael Straatman how quick the turnaround is for members to show up in the Memberclicks search.


The ITART Blog will be used to post minutes and other important information for ITART.

Amy said that Facebook would be a good venue for communicating. Christa volunteered to add a facebook page for ITART, and will feed the RSS from the blog into the facebook page.

ITART Email (old business)

It was decided that an ITART email is not necessary, and that we will instead make sure that current contact information is on the blog.


Karin has made a simple logo with a QR code that takes you to the ITART web page. Anyone is welcome to try designing another logo. If we get multiple submissions, the group can vote.

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  1. Correction to spelling of last name of those attending meeting — Bennett has 2 t’s. Thank you.

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