img Ever seen a QR-Code? Those odd-looking “square bar-codes” made up of a bunch of little squares? Did you know that many cell phones today can see one view one through their camera and then react accordingly? Reactions include displaying a message or even sending the user to a URL. If your phone doesn’t do this natively, there are programs that you can add. (On my Windows Mobile phone I’ve installed iNigma to handle QR-Codes.)

The RMIT library in Australia posted a QR-Code on one of their desks and told users that they could win a prize by reading the code. (I know what it says but you need a student number to claim your prize.) What a wonderful way to learn how many of your users know how to take advantage of this technology.

Why not try this in your library? Just head on over to the QR-Code Generator to make your own.

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