Clean out your registry

reg-resultYeah, yeah, there have been many different Windows registry cleaners out there and the big question is “how do I know that they really actually do anything?” Great question. So, why am I going to recommend RegSeeker today? Also a good question. First, I’ve run it on three different computers and it hasn’t damaged a singe one yet. (As always, if it kills your machine it’s not my fault ;-) Second, this is the first registry cleaner that I’ve ever used that actually tells you what it’s going and why. In other words, it scans, then reports what it wants to remove and tells you why those entries should be removed. Third, you can tell it to back up whatever it’s going to delete so you can always put the settings back. Lastly, there’s lots of other Windows tweaks available, making it more than just a registry cleaner. Oh, and it’s completely free! ‘Nuff said.

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