Hello NLA Members!

We had a ballot full of amazing nominees for the NLA election this year.  Thank you to everyone who voted this year, your participation in this yearly election helps insure the continued vitality of our association.  The election ended on September 1st and the results have been tabulated and confirmed.  I am now proud to inform you of the results.  Your NLA representatives for the next year are:


NLA President-Elect:  Julee Hector
NLA Secretary:  Terry Wingate
ALA Councilor:  Brenda Ealey

NLA Sections

C&U Chair-Elect:  Julie Pinnell

Paraprofessional Chair-Elect:  Sara Nelson
Paraprofessional Secretary/Treasurer:  Aimee Owen

PLTS Chair-Elect:  Pat Leach
PLTS Secretary/Treasurer:  Amy Hafer

SCYP Chair-Elect:  Rebecca Brooks

S&I Chair-Elect:  Tom Schmitz

NLA Round Tables

IFRT Chair-Elect:  Joan Birnie

IFRT Secretary:  Brenda Ealey

ITART Chair-Elect:  Mark Sorenson

NMRT Chair-Elect:  Anneka Ramirez
NMRT Secretary:  Terri Rickel

TSRT Chair-Elect:  Emily Dust Nimsakont
TSRT Secretary:  Euem Osmera

YART Secretary:  Odessa Cooley

I would like to thank all nominees who stepped forward to serve in NLA leadership positions: Julee Hector, Angela Kroeger, Matthew Williams, Rebecca Bernthal, Dana Boden, Jayne Germer, Terry Wingate, Brenda Ealey, Matt Kovar, Julie Pinnell, Tina Walker, Sara Nelson, Kristine Woods, Bailey Halbur, Aimee Owen, David Mixdorf, Pat Leach, Amy Hafer, Heather St.Clair, Jill Annis, Rebecca Brooks, Tom Schmitz, Joan Birnie, Deb Robertson, Mark Sorenson, Terri Rickel, Anneka Ramirez, Katherine Woods, Dana Schipporeit, Nannette Bedrosky, Emily Dust Nimsakont, Billie Cotterman, Euem Osmera, and Odessa Cooley.  I would also like to thank current Section and Round Table chairs who worked hard to find great nominees for their available positions.  And, of course, I would like to thank the members of the Nominating Committee for doing the legwork to find great nominees for NLA officer positions.

If you have any questions about the results or the election process, please feel free to ask me.  Thank you!

Gordon Wyant
Adult Services Librarian
Bellevue Public Library


The Paraprofessional Section will be selling T-shirts (see illustration below) at this year’s NLA/NSLA Conference in Sioux City for only $15! Or, you can pre-order now thru Oct. 3 for a pre-conference price of only $12!

You can pick up your order at the Conference Para Booth on Thursday 10/9 or Friday 10/10.

Sizes available: S, M, LG, XL, XXL

Pre-order by Oct. 3 by sending an email to:


Please include your full name, phone, and size.

Check or Cash (Please pay exact amount, we will not have change. Thank you!


The Para's Newsletter, Keynote was discontinued as of 5/23/2014 with a vote of the Para Board. The group felt that with the new methods of communications we no longer need an official Section newsletter. With the advent of our Facebook page in March of 2013, https://www.facebook.com/pages/NLA-Paraprofessional-Section/321084295994, and with the move of the NLA Website and all of the Sections & Round Tables to a Word Press Blog in May of 2014 we have an abundance of modes of conversing with our members. In addition to the before mentioned paths we also maintain a healthy history page where we have accumulated the wealth of information that is and has been the Paraprofessional Section of NLA, http://nebraskalibraries.org/paras/about-the-paras/history/. In addition please keep track of the Para Section in the NLA journal "Nebraska Libraries" at http://digitalcommons.unl.edu/neblib/ where we have been known to show up on occasion.

Today Governor Dave Heineman signed a Proclomation stating that October 2014 is Information Literacy Month in Nebraska.


Attending the Proclamation were:

From L to R: Michael LaCroix, Nebraska Library Commissioner; Chris Haeffner, Lincoln Public Schools; Scott Childers, Southeast Library System; Governor Dave Heineman; Francine Canfield, Baright Public Library ; Rod Wagner, Nebraska Library Commission, and Robin Clark, Sump Memorial Library & NLA President Photo: State of Nebraska


Greetings NLA members!

What is going on with the Nebraska Library Association? That's what the board would like to know, and who better to tell them than the membership. We need your input. Please take a few minutes - or really, much longer, should you find you have lots to say - and check out this new, hot-off-the-Monkey NLA membership survey.


Thanks for your time and consideration,

Robin Clark
NLA President

This is just a reminder that the nomination deadline for TSRT's Sandra Herzinger Award for Technical Services Advocacy is only a few days away!

The Sandra Herzinger Award will be given to a Nebraska library worker who has been an advocate for technical services. It will be presented at the NLA/NSLA annual conference in October.

Each nominee for the TSRT Technical Services Advocacy award must:

  • be employed in a technical services position in a Nebraska library (According to the TSRT statement of purpose, technical services includes: acquisitions, collection development, cataloging and classification, preservation, serials control, interlibrary loan and document delivery.)
  • be an active and involved employee of his/her library, as well as an active and involved member of the Nebraska library community
  • have a proven record of demonstrating the value of technical services, both to colleagues within the library community and to library patrons

Nomination Process:

The letter of nomination should include contact information for the nominee (name, position title, address, email address, and telephone number), the nominee's accomplishments, particularly as they relate to the award criteria given above, and any relevant supporting documentation. The letter should also include the name, position title, address, email address, and telephone number of the person or group making the nomination.

Also required are at least two additional letters which support and endorse the nominations. Such letters may provide further information about the nominee.

Nominations and letters of support must be received by August 31 and should be sent to TSRT Chair Heather Buckwalter (HeatherBuckwalter@creighton.edu).

Information about the award can be found on the TSRT website at http://nebraskalibraries.org/tsrt/award/.

Governor Dave Heineman will sign a Proclamation declaring October as National Information Literacy Month on Thursday, September 11, 2014.

NLA members, library supporters, and literacy supporters are invited to attend.

Details of the signing ceremony will be posted on http://www.governor.nebraska.gov/proclamations/ by the Governor’s Office.

If you would like to attend the 10:30 am signing at the State Capitol on September 11, please email me at fcanfield@cityofralston.com.

Francine Canfield
NLA Advocacy Chair

We are now in the final week of voting for the NLA elections. If you have yet to cast your votes, now is the time to do so. We have a bevy of qualified and energetic nominees ready to make next year amazing for the association! Go to the bios page and read up on the nominees. After reading nominee bios, click “vote now” to log in to Memberclicks and start voting. In addition to voting on the NLA officer positions of President-Elect, Secretary, and ALA Councilor members also get to vote for positions in each round table or section in which they are members. If you have any questions about the election process, please send an email to myself or our internet site coordinator at nebraskalibraries@gmail.com.

Don’t forget to take part in this incredibly important aspect of our association! Vote today!

Thank you,

Gordon Wyant
Nominating Committee Chair

It is time to start considering a donation to the annual silent auction, benefiting the NLA Scholarship Committee, and enabling the committee to aid deserving students in their library education goals. Each year we receive fabulous items for attendees of the NLA/NSLA (formerly NEMA) Conference to bid on over the course of a day. Our most popular items tend to be Husker-related items, gift baskets, Beer/Wine items, and interesting art and jewelry pieces.
Many of our donations are handmade, so if you have a special talent that you would like to use, please consider it!

Donations will be accepted beginning mid-September before the annual conference.

Questions can be directed to the scholarship committee:

Ruth Carlock - rmcarlock@york.edu
Corinne Jacox - corinnejacox@creighton.edu
Karen Frank - kfranklibrary@hotmail.com
Mary Cassner - mcassner1@unl.edu
Sky Seery - seerys@mpcc.edu
Laureen Riedesel - lriedesel@beatrice.lib.ne.us

If you are interested in donating, please let us know.